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How NOT to treat a customer let alone a stockist!

As most of my friends, family and clients know, besides being a makeup artist I am the owner of EditKit. EditKit is an online store I started 2 years ago. After becoming frustrated with not finding professional products in Perth, I decided to do something about it and bring them here and make them available to not only professional makeup artists but for retail customers as well.

Part of owning a store involves dealing with companies overseas and recently I had a doozy of an encounter!

I decided to make the Stellar Diva ring lights available to customers in Perth and to do this I had to deal directly with Stellar owner Mr Hooshmand Haroomi and import them from California.

My first encounter with My Haroomi left a bit to be desired. I emailed him introducing myself and asking if EditKit will be allowed to stock his lights. First email went ignored I a assume? As I got no reply. A couple of weeks passed and I resent the email to which I got a brief yet abrupt reply “Not interested in wholesale” Ouch Ok I get the message :/

Forward wind to this year and I am now a stockist…oops WAS a stockist for the Diva Stellar ringlight. After swallowing my pride (on how I have been treated by Mr Haroomi )I put my customers first as they really really wanted me to stock the light. Communication with this company is pretty poor! He is rude, arrogant and abrupt and half the time it appears he doesn’t read the emails. The amount of times I emailed a question and I was replied with “who is this?” I lost count.

Forward to just recently when I placed another order of Diva lights only to be sent the wrong voltage! He sent USA voltage instead of Australia compatible 220v. Having sold one of these lights to a customer I received a call from the customer stating the light blew up! Eeeek OMG.

Lesson for me is to double check everything!

Emailed Mr Haroomi to be told he will replace them. After waiting 2 weeks and no reply to my emails asking for an ETA, I received an email from him saying “lights arrived will send to your shipping company” Umm did he not read the 3 emails I sent asking him to send to me direct?? After emailing a 4th time asking for direct shipping to me, the

response I got was “We do not have the shipping capability to send directly to Australia” Ummmm wow ok so you have no access to DHL or FEDEX ????????? this is California yes?

He then shipped my lights to the wrong address! He shipped them to Rachael's US address who also uses MYUS ( might I add that MYUS have been brilliant) then My Harooni ignored all my emails about that too! When Rachael told him she would sort it out he said 'thank god, she's so difficult'......ummm

So not only did I have lights I could not use and paid hefty shipping rates for, I also had another lot of hefty shipping fees to pay to get the replacement lights! I had no choice but pay to get the lights to my customers.

This week I emailed an invoice to Stellar asking to be reimbursed for the shipping. First reply…… What is this? …..well at least he is consistent with that reply.

2nd reply is the most shocking of all! Never in my life have I been spoken to in such a manner! Now what I am about to post has some pretty bad language so be warned!

My lovely email from the owner of Stellar Lighting Systems

Mr Hooshmand Harooni, You are the rudest, arrogant and most disrespectful human I have ever encountered! How you run and keep a business is beyond me.

You make me sick with your words. Never will I support you again. I will be sharing this with everyone so they can see the despicable person you are!

For me, I have learnt I should have listened to my instincts from the first contact and kept away from you and your products!

Ohh and the friend he is referring to is my lovely friend Rachael Parnell who is the owner of Makeup and Glow! Needless to say he lost a massive stockist there too.

Great way to treat a customer and keep a stockist......NOT

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