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Australia votes YES to Marriage Equality!

Today history was made! Australian voting results came in and the majority voted YES for marriage equality! Im so happy for my LGBTI friends who can now get married if they want to :)

This takes me back to a shoot I did with Jordan Bruno (MKR), Joan Dellavalle (Ebony & Ivory Salon), Deborah Munson (The Options Group) and The West Australian newspaper.

We were brought together by Deborah, my agent, to collaborate on a shoot which is dear to all of our hearts! We are all in favour of the vote YES to win campaign and we had a fun morning :)

The shoot was held at Joan's salon in the city at Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon at 25 Barrack Street, Perth.

I was given the task (task you may ask? no... it was such a joy making up this ridiculously good looking man with a body to die for!) to make up Jordan's face and body for the Vote Yes campaign.

Joan glammed up his hair and we had a fun and fabulous shoot with Jordan.

After the shoot we had a few selfies and Jordan was interviewed by the West Australian as he is a LGBTI advocate.

Until next time........ Be Fabulous!!!

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